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Our Organization

Word & Deed Ministries began in 1994 with a desire to reach out to those in need, assisting not only with physical needs but also the spiritual needs of individuals. We are a Reformed Christian ministry focusing on the needs of people in the developing world by supporting the work of indigenous (local) churches, missionaries, and Christain partners in Africa, Asia, & Latin America. We do this in response to Jesus' command to love our neighbor (Matthew 22:39).  Today we serve in 13 countries around the world with 25 different indigenous partner organizations.

3 Areas of Emphasis: 

1. A Gospel Focus: Concern for man's eternal destiny and the extension of the Kingdom of God. 

2. Self-Sufficiency under Christ: Assisting the needy while helping them work towards independence. 

3. Indigenous Leadership: A reliance on the skills and assets of indigenous Christians in the developing world. 

Our Mission

To help meet the spiritual and physical needs of people in the developing world in accordance with biblical principles for the glory of God. 

Christians around the world reaching out together in the name of Christ to serve the poor, nurture covenant families, encourage biblically faithful churches, and develop local leaders while empowering people to provide for themselves.

Our Vision

Our Team