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1. Enjoy a Meal with Friends and Family 

Call up a few friends or family and host or join a table on the evening of November 13, 14, 20, or 21st. Feel free to pick a recipe from one of our international recipes provided or encourage those joining you to bring a dish and enjoy a potluck meal. Many of Word & Deed's partners will be having dinner that same night in their homes, so we will be fellowshipping over a global meal on the same nights. 

Friends Eating Dinner

2. Enjoy one of our international recipes. 

Whether you are interested in trying new foods or want to add some spice to life choose one of the recipes provided to serve your guests. 

With a few different options to choose from hailing from Asia, Africa, and Latin America you can explore different cultures and their flavors.

Food blog

3. Watch a 30 minute Youtube Video about our global efforts. 

Interested to know how COVID-19 has affected other countries? Watch an update from a number of our partners as they describe how their projects have been affected the past few months. Learn what Word & Deed is doing with these partners to provide relief. Hear the prayer needs of the families, projects, and individuals suffering at this time. 

We will send an email a day or two before November 13th linking you to our Youtube Channel where the Dinner Video will be found. 

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4. Take a few moments to reflect 

Download an optional question sheet below relating to the video that will help the conversation to reflect on what was watched. 

Take time to pray for these countries and the project's needs. Prayer is a powerful means to connect to their needs and share their concerns with our Lord. 


5. Donate

We understand you may have previously donated Word & Deed this year and for this we thank you. Please consider providing relief to where our partners need it most by donating to Word & Deed Ministries on our website. If you would like to make a cheque make it out to "Word & Deed Ministries" with the memo Dinner. In each recent magazine, there can be found a pre-addressed donation envelope making it easy to send.  Please select the country you are donating from. More details on how to donate by clicking on the buttons below. 


Orphan Care Sponsorship Program

For $8 CAD (5 children for $40) or $6 USD
(5 children for $30) per month, you can cover
the monthly costs of a child who is part of the
Malawi Orphan Care Program.
This program supports over 2,100 orphan
and vulnerable children in Malawi who are
cared for in a family-based program. The
support that you give will provide a child
with 3-5 meals per week, school supplies and
uniforms, help with their homework, Biblical
instruction, and family support where needed.
You will receive an annual update on the
status of this program.
Contact Kara at or by
calling 1.877.375.9673 to set up your support.


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THANK YOU for your prayers and support of global missions and the

Word & Deed Dinner at Home this year! 

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